A fallen Friend

9 Month’s ago I found out a internet friend of my’n had cancer, I haven’t heard from him since October so I can only assume he has past away.

His name was Kenneth he went by the user name of KenneyGay I just called him Ken, he was an older gay man that live in Arizona, he was a chef and he had had two restaurants that he ran with his husbands in his life, he was a poet and a song writer and he was as they say a happy go lucky person that was always in a good mood and jocking around. 

I meat Ken years ago on a LGBT web site and we hit it rat off, I always keep Ken awar of what websites I was on and invited him to join me so we could stay intouch that way along with emails. 

We were so different yet as Ken would say ” so much alike it’s scary “, we were two different people in euro’s in time but shared so much of the same things in life, we shared a unspoken bond that never had to be said but was from time to time, I loved Ken like a brother that I had never meat but always knew !!! 

His playful panter and witty remarks and his loving soul will be forever missed by those that new him best. 

Thow we goshed and jocked we knew this day would come for life is not etarnal in this world but maybe the next were two old soul may wans again cross paths to be reunited !!!  




26 thoughts on “A fallen Friend”

  1. It’s sad, you know but you have to be strong… I find you very strong indeed since you can bravely accept LGBT identity! Great, I’ll say amazing! Carry on the courage. I am quite mesmerized by your personality. If you don’t mind, would you be my friend? 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comment dear, being LGBT+ is something I’ve struggled with for a very long time but have come to accept because it’s just who I am, my personality is qwit youneck from other people, sure dear, as the old saying gose you can never have to many friends.

      BY FOR NOW

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      1. I have always really admired LGBT+ people. I even have an imaginary friend who is a trans. I like them a lot! They are called Aki. There’s nothing to feel bad about being different. You are really amazing, just believe it! I am too happy to meet you, Dawn! ❤

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      2. I’ve always liked being different it was all the other crap that came with it that I had a problem with but now this days I don’t really give a dame it’s their problem not mine, thank you dear.

        BY FOR NOW

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