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Graceful Transitions🌿


One of the changes I’ve noticed since my Gender Confirmation Surgery is with my emotional state. Its something we never seem to talk about when we discuss what happens to transsexual and transgender people after lengthy Hormone Replacement and surgery.

I know with me, I became a chatterbox…I literally cant shut up. My emotional state has dramatically changed as well.

Yesterday, I was watching a funny show on the tube and I started laughing so hard that I had tears running down my face…a true mascara nightmare. The weird thing is that at some point while I was laughing, I began to cry. I mean really sob and those tears of laughter transitioned into a “face in my hands” crying jag with my knees curled up to my chest.
Why? Good question. I suspect it was a combination of my hormone levels and the emotional overload of being 5 months…

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Are lose of Freedom and Protection

Here in the US many people have now Lost Freedom and Protection from discrimination thanks to the federal government, their religious freedom bill witch is set to take affect this week gives people the right to discriminate against people based on their sexual identity, marital status and gender identity and I’m sure it can be used for a lot more than that, it assentualy means if someone doesn’t like the way you look or what you’re talking about they can discriminate against you, the implications this bill has opened up is stagering to the american people !!! If you think you’re safe because your not LGBT+ think again, this is just part of what they have planned to strip americans of their freedoms and put the right-wing Christine’s in power over everyone, it’s gonna be their way and their ideology that runs this country and if you don’t like it to bad !!!  😠 😠 

❤️ ✌️  BY FOR NOW

( A Must Read ) Rebloged / How Trump Uses “Religious Liberty” to Attack L.G.B.T. Rights | The New Yorker

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How Trump Uses “Religious Liberty” to Attack L.G.B.T. Rights | The New Yorker:

In Mississippi, House Bill 1523, also known as the Religious Liberty Accommodations Act, also known as the Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act, goes into effect this week. It explicitly legalizes discrimination if it is motivated by one of three beliefs: that marriage is a union between one man and one woman, that sexual relations can take place only within such a marriage, and that gender is an immutable biological characteristic. The law was passed last year and immediately blocked by a federal judge, but last week a circuit court reversed the ruling. Doctors, lawyers, and adoption agencies, among others, are now licensed to discriminate on the basis of sexual and gender identity.

Mississippi’s is the harshest of a recent wave of so-called religious-freedom laws; its enactment is only the latest blow to the…

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The Terrifying Thought Process Behind ‘Peak Trans’ – Hailey Heartless – Medium:

As trans activism and anti-trans activism comes further into the consciousness of the public, the general public will also undoubtedly see some aspects of trans activism that make them uncomfortable, or downright afraid.

There are certain discussions that trans people are torn over. Many of those discussions we don’t usually have in mixed company because we know the discussion might be too much too fast for potential allies, or that we don’t have solid answers just yet. Sometimes when we have those discussions publicly, they can be offputting to the general population or allies, and may leave them with questions.

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Meditations in Motion

Meditations in Motion

The running weather here in Lititz, PA has been perfect! Usually, by the end of June, we are well into days where the three Hs – hazy, hot, and humid – dominate. This year there is a clear, azure sky most days and cool temperatures linger until at least mid-morning. I ran through town today and noticed the thousands of flags which have been planted and hung. Our little town hosts a 4th of July celebration that draws big crowds. There are games, music, and food in the park, a queen is crowned, and the day ends in a spectacular fireworks display. Americana at its finest!

I have been studiously avoiding writing a column with political overtones, and I am not going to write one here, but maybe it was the flags, or maybe just the time of year, but I have been thinking about patriotism lately.

Meditations in Motion.


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‘Feminists’ Who Exclude Trans Women Aren’t Feminists At All | HuffPost:

London Pride, like Pride celebrations all over the world, is supposed to be about the LGBTQ community coming together to celebrate the ability to be themselves and to openly proclaim who they love. But this weekend the message ended up hijacked by a small group of self-proclaimed lesbian “feminists” who jumped out in front of the parade displaying anti-transgender banners and posters and handing out fliers with transphobic propaganda.

They were booed by the crowd. But because they were in front of the official start of the parade, police did nothing and the group was allowed to walk the entire route. Afterward, London Pride condemned them and their message, saying: “The protest group showed a level of bigotry, ignorance and hate that is unacceptable. We reject what this group stands for. They do not share our values, which…

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I follow a lot of blogs.. an awful lot of blogs in fact! I also leave a heck of a lot of comments. I got told five or six times yesterday by people that they’d found comments I’d made in their spam comments folders – on checking WordPress help pages I found that ‘excessive’ comments do start going into spam folders!

I’m not going to comment less because I know how much others comments mean to me however, I would advise you all to check your spam comments regularly because you could be missing out on feedback!

If you don’t know how to check, go to your ‘my sites’ button and scroll down to ‘comments’ you’ll find all the comment folders there to check through!

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