Remembering the Pulse tragedy

More than ever we need to remember Pulse and what hate mongering can lead to !!!

With the hate mongering politicians we have in-office right now we need to remember what that can lead to, not only for the LGBT+ community but for everyone !!! 

The road of hate is only paved with tragedy !!!  

  Remembering the fallen on this said day. 




Happy New Year

Happy New Years everyone, I hope you all have a merry New Year’s where ever you are in this world. 

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Arr thy tail of thy name Deathly Dawn

Arr listen up ye scurby dogs to thy tail  of thy name or I be running ye throw to ye land loving dogs !!!  

I be carrying thy name Deathly Dawn handed down by that no good black hearted bilg rat Black beared him self.

After his black hearted mats tryed to have thr way with me, arr I cut thr timbers off the lot of them and didn’t bother with th plank as I sent thy lot th to Davey Jhonses locker  in thy early morning dawn, th scurby rats that remained we’re to yellow to test th sord further.

Arr at last thy ship needs new rates to work thy deek so what say ye you scurby dogs sail under th pirate flag or meat Davee Jones ???    
❤️ ✌️    


September is suicide prevention month So hear is my story

For practically all of my adult life I have been dealing with depression and suicidal thoughts, most of it I believe exstianes from my being trans and the way the world looked at people like me and the way the world treated people like me.   I never even noticed that I had depression tell I started having suicidal thoughts, thinking suicide was the only way out of this mess of a life I now had and the fact that I couldn’t say with any real certainty what I was just made things worse. As the years pasted by I drank heavier and heavier and sleeped fearther down the rabbit hole of depression tell I could no longer see the light of day and nothing mattered at all, I drank very heavily at night trying to get alcohol poisoning  to die and when that didn’t work I tried a moltitued of things over the years to camite suicide. I didn’t stop trying tell about 6 year’s ago when I had my awakening, that was the day my suppressed memories came back from my childhood and then I knew What I was and I no longer had a death wish ( for a while anyway ) I joined a LGBT+ website for support and worked hard at trying to fix my brocken life, I realized why my suicide attempts had failed because for the support I got I gave back to people all around the world if I had died I wouldn’t be hear to help others. But for all my hard work and thinking I had beat my depression it came back and hit me hard 3 year’s ago around the year end holidays it got so bad that I tried to camite suicide by taking 500 500miligram Asperan and drinking a 6 pack of beer it rezolted in making me very sick the next day and for days after that. That was the last suicide attempt, iv realized I will probably always had depression and suicidal thoughts but the trick is not to give in to the depression and the little voice wispering in your ear to give up because you always have more work to do and people like you to help.    


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Flash Flooded

Well I got flooded this evening from a monsoon thunder storm, it started storming around 6 pm and the rain came down in bucket loads by 7:30 I had 2 inches of water outside my tent that was seping in everywhere, by the time it stopped raining around 8:30 I had about a inche of water in my tent and a tone of water under my tent it took about 2 hrs for that water to go away before I could start getting my tent dryed up some, now I have a bounch of stuff that’s all wet and I’ll probably have to trash because it’s very hard to get stuff dryed out and not have it smelling like mold.  I have a nuff problems with out needing this kind of crap, god I really hate life at times !!!      

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Rebloged / Update/ Oklahoma Transgender Girl’s Family is Moving After Threats | Time

Well the Oklahoma Transfobic bigets win out in their campaign of terror of a 12 year old trans girl, The SICK adults that treatend this girl with bodily harm got their way!!!  

Is this the world you want to live in ???  

It starts with you and end’s with you !!!    

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Kira Moore's Closet

Oklahoma Transgender Girl’s Family is Moving After Threats | Time:

“I don’t feel safe living here anymore. I can’t drop my daughter off at the movies anymore,” Rose tells TIME. “What if someone recognizes her in the Walmart parking lot? She won’t even sleep in her bed anymore.”

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