Two blog’s to check out

These are two blog’s I ran across that I think are worth checking out.

The first one is ” https;// ” The Bipolar Writer, it’s a blog based on Mental illnic with many guests writers on the site writing about their experience with mental illnic. It’s a great blog.

  The second one is this  ”  https;// ”  A guy called bloke and K9 Doodlepip, Rory’s blog is a colosh of many different post/sires on one blog you need to check it out to see what I mean, it’s a great blog. 

❤️ ✌️


Poetry / Real Life

If you could really open your eyes and see you would not want to be 

You see they make policy behind closed doors to get rid of me 

For the fee they wish not to spend on me

After all what’s a life really worth

Compared to a new city boble or a pay raise

Who needs morales any way

They gust get in the way

Of making money


So close your eyes and don’t dispare as we split hair’s  





A fallen Friend

9 Month’s ago I found out a internet friend of my’n had cancer, I haven’t heard from him since October so I can only assume he has past away.

His name was Kenneth he went by the user name of KenneyGay I just called him Ken, he was an older gay man that live in Arizona, he was a chef and he had had two restaurants that he ran with his husbands in his life, he was a poet and a song writer and he was as they say a happy go lucky person that was always in a good mood and jocking around. 

I meat Ken years ago on a LGBT web site and we hit it rat off, I always keep Ken awar of what websites I was on and invited him to join me so we could stay intouch that way along with emails. 

We were so different yet as Ken would say ” so much alike it’s scary “, we were two different people in euro’s in time but shared so much of the same things in life, we shared a unspoken bond that never had to be said but was from time to time, I loved Ken like a brother that I had never meat but always knew !!! 

His playful panter and witty remarks and his loving soul will be forever missed by those that new him best. 

Thow we goshed and jocked we knew this day would come for life is not etarnal in this world but maybe the next were two old soul may wans again cross paths to be reunited !!!  




Just Love: Queer book Reviews

I just happened to stumble across this Great blog that’s dedicated to LGBT+ author’s that write books of all kinds, with reviews of the books and the story of the book. so you should check them out if you like to read books.

Just Love: Queer Book Reviews


Reblog/ To the Parents


This week was…tough, to say the least. I am emotionally drained.  As an Emergency Physician, there is no greater terror than a truly sick child coming into your Emergency Department. And no greater disheartenment than not being able to make those kids better. Today’s blog post is an ode to the parents of those children- the ones who don’t make it. I keep every single one of their faces in my memory as motivation to get better, and to know more, and, for the cases where all of that is not enough, to never lose my empathy. 

To the Parents-

I’m sitting across from you in the “Family Room” right now. I hesitate to open my mouth because of the sheer grief that washes over your face when I do. The pain is so palpable it’s hard for me to finish sentences.  The cold metal of the chair rail is…

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Lessons truly learned

I grow-up in the early 70’s in a small cristion town hearing the word of God from everyone around me, it didn’t take long for me to start questioning it all in my early teens, the ten commandments and what was being crammed down my throat as the word of God didn’t jive with me and being told that is just the way it is didn’t work as well. So I went looking for my own answers to things, I studded all different kinds of religion’s from around the world along with the cultures of the people. I came to my own conclusions about things and built my own belief system from this along with my system of honor and respect.  I learned a lot from all this but it would take decades before it all started to sink together and the lessons I learned to have true meaning behind it.

The words of the Cristina bible, the Hebrew bible, the scrolls of Bota and many other religions weren’t written by gods in my opinion but by people that had evolved past the petynic of humans and had handed down their own set of rules for humanity to live by in peace and harmony with one another.

But yet this is still a consept that seems to be to difficult for people to get and accept in their everyday lives. This are simple lessons yet to be learned by humanity.

LOVE, HONOR, RESPECT for your fellow humans !!! 

I know I am nothing in the grand scheme of this world but even I understand this simple little lessons.  


Four things you are greatfull for

On SARA IN LALALAND, question of the 5 she asked this ” what are for  things your greatfull for “.

I felt like elaborating on this more just because I’m in that kind of a mood.

The answer’s I gave was this,

1.WordPress and all the beautiful people iv meat on here.

2. All the real beautiful people iv meat on the streets.

3. All the beauty and wonder in the world.

4. All the people I have meat from around the world in the past 5+ years and was able to help in some small way.

As you can see I didn’t say anything about my life because in reality my life really doesn’t mean a thing to me it’s all about what I can do for others even at the cost of my own life. Now don’t get me wrong here I don’t have a death wish any more but I live by a code of honer and if that means giving up my life to save someone else well then so be it.

I broke my rose colored glasses 5+ years ago after my awakening my selfishness to end my life was replaced with a need to help other’s and in doing so it help me to grow and fix my self making me a better person for it.

I walk the streets and am discusted by the trashy mess I see every wear but with in the trash I can see the wonder of life still thriving to exist refusing to die.

As I walk the streets I see the faces of the people of this world, some you can read like a billboard their hole life’s story written on their face others aren’t that easy to read and some are just plain scary.  You see the really poor and the poor alike in the grocery store try to pay for what they can to provide for their families, you see the addicts on the street corners panhandling to get money for their next fix because they have given up and know no other way to live.

When you break your rose colored glasses the world becomes a hole nother place and you become a different person in it!!!


EBT / Foodstamps

EBT / Foodstamps is a good program for the most part with out it I probably be dead or diing somewhere but it does have it’s draw backs like the fact you can’t buy a hot meal with it, you can’t buy vitamins or medication, you can’t buy any paper products or house-hold supplies, you can buy the food but noting to go along with it for eating it, but the one that I really don’t get is not being able to buy a hot meal if that ant the dumest thing they didn’t think too hard about the homeless people that don’t have a kitchen to make food in when they made that rule!!! 😨 😞


Pawn Shop’s

Well the other day I took my julriy box and went to the pawn shops to get money for my storage locker, out of the hundreds of dollars worth of stuff they picked throw I only ended up with $81 for it all, what a rip you can’t even get a fraction of what you paid for it all they care about is the wait and if it’s pure gold or silver and the gem stones are worthless to them. Well at least I was able to get one more month payed on my locker and was left with $22 in my pocket.