Poetry / What I See

A majestic oca on it’s side

Others see a diing and dead oca

I see a majestic tree that has found its new nitch in life

On it’s side it trives wans again

Full of life and vitality

Nesaled amunks the weeds in the shadows

A delicate lily stands

It’s beautiful little blue flowers hid

Thriving in the shadows

I see life and beauty

Others only see weeds

Life is Amazing

It takes hold anywhere and everywhere

It doesn’t let go

Even in the tuffes of times.


2 thoughts on “Poetry / What I See”

    1. Those are actual things iv seen around here that inspired me to write this, and it made me think about people like my self that may be down but we’re not out were finding are new nich in life as well.
      And thank you, I try to make my frazzing different to help my poetry stand out and I’m always trying to think of thing that are different and thought provoking.
      Have you read my other poetry that is linked to this site?


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