Two blog’s to check out

These are two blog’s I ran across that I think are worth checking out.

The first one is ” https;// ” The Bipolar Writer, it’s a blog based on Mental illnic with many guests writers on the site writing about their experience with mental illnic. It’s a great blog.

  The second one is this  ”  https;// ”  A guy called bloke and K9 Doodlepip, Rory’s blog is a colosh of many different post/sires on one blog you need to check it out to see what I mean, it’s a great blog. 

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Finding self love

Finding self love or learning to love your self for who you are is one of the hardest things to do and it’s even harder if you have a mental illnic that wispers in your ear all the time telling you that your no good or if you had a bad child hood. 

Having it ingraned in your mind that your no good makes it very hard to believe that you really are good and deserving  of love.

I should know I’ve been there and i still have to fight with those bad thoughts from depression.

I had to learn the past is the past and theirs nothing you can do to change that so there is no need to hold on to those thoughts, forgive and let go.

I had to learn that even though I’m very different from most people their are people out there that will respect and love me for the person I am as I am.

I had to learn to respect my self for what I am and that I have self worth.

With this lessons learned I was able to start loving my self for the person I am and have honer and respect for my self.

It doesn’t matter what other people think of me because I know who I am and I love my self for who I am, I found my self love and no one can take that away from me !!! 

I have written out this basic model for finding your self love in hopes it can help someone else, this is the model I used to find my self love.

No it will not fix all your problem’s but it will make you happier in your life and give you a different perspective on life. 

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Reblog / In Chechnya and Abroad, Today’s LGBT Martyrs Killed for Hatred of Love

April 22, 2017/0 Comments/in Uncategorized /by Robert Shine, Associate Editor

Editor’s Note: Content in today’s post may be disturbing to some readers as it deals with violence against LGBT people, including a brief description of such violence.

Pope Francis is celebrating a liturgy for contemporary martyrs today, held at the church of St. Bartholomew in Rome which functions as a shrine for martyrs of the 20th and 21st centuries. Those remembered will include persecuted Christians, pastoral ministers killed because they worked for justice, missionaries, and resisters against totalitarian regimes, reported Vatican Radio.

“Jesus is Beaten,” from series “The Passion of Christ: A Gay Vision” by David Blanchard

I want to remember LGBT martyrs as well: those people who have been killed because of their gender and/or sexual identity or because of their advocacy for LGBT human rights. In particular, I remember LGBT people in Chechnya who are en masse being kidnapped, tortured, and even murdered. One Chechen gay man told the BBC:”If beating you with their hands and feet is not enough, they use electric

“If beating you with their hands and feet is not enough, they use electric shock. . .They have a special black box and they attach wires to your hands or ears. The pain is awful. It’s terrible torture. . .They used to detain people before all the time to blackmail them. . .Now [the aim] is the extermination of gay men, so that there are none left in the republic.”

Once they are released from these torture scenarios, the now outed victims have faced reprisals from their own families, including at least two honor killings, according to The New York Times. While Chechnya’s president denies any persecution, human rights groups based in Russia are secretly helping to evacuate LGBT people from the country.

Critics will contend LGBT victims of violence are not martyrs; they were not killed because of odium fidei (hatred of their Christian faith). But in early Christianity, the word “martyrdom” meant a witness to the truth of faith. Today’s LGBT martyrs are witnesses to the truth of how God created them, and thus witnesses to the Creator. They include high-profile leaders who demanded equality, like Ugandan LGBT rights activist David Kato or U.S. gay rights pioneer Harvey Milk. They also include those who simply refused to deny a God-given identity, like the many transgender people, particularly women and people of color, murdered each year.

Though it is the Easter season liturgically, this is also a time of crucifixion for too many people. Blessed Oscar Romero, himself a martyr, challenges us, as the people of God, with these words:

“For the church, the many abuses of human life, liberty, and dignity are a heartfelt suffering. The church, entrusted with the earth’s glory, believes that in each person is the Creator’s image and that everyone who tramples it offends God. As holy defender of God’s rights and of [God’s] images, the church must cry out. It takes as spittle in its face, as lashes on its back, as the cross in its passion, all that human beings suffer, even though they be unbelievers. They suffer as God’s images. There is no dichotomy between [the person] and God’s image. Whoever tortures a human being, whoever abuses a human being, whoever outrages a human being abuses God’s image, and the church takes as its own that cross, that martyrdom.”

No, murdered LGBT people are not universally martyrs odium fidei, but I consider them martyrs odium amoris, or for “hatred of love.” This designation is an emerging, though not yet canonical, category for those killed because they died acting for the common good. As such, they demand to be remembered and honored by the church.

Pope Francis may not share my thinking or specifically include LGBT martyrs in his prayers today. Sadly, he has too often remained utterly silent about LGBT victims of violence. I am unaware of any church leader who has expressed solidarity with LGBT people in Chechnya. This makes our prayers, as LGBT people and allies, all the more important and urgent.

Who are the LGBT martyrs that are special to your heart? Please name them in the “Comments” section of this post so that we can pray to them and with them today and in the future.

—Robert Shine, New Ways Ministry, April 22, 2017


A fallen Friend

9 Month’s ago I found out a internet friend of my’n had cancer, I haven’t heard from him since October so I can only assume he has past away.

His name was Kenneth he went by the user name of KenneyGay I just called him Ken, he was an older gay man that live in Arizona, he was a chef and he had had two restaurants that he ran with his husbands in his life, he was a poet and a song writer and he was as they say a happy go lucky person that was always in a good mood and jocking around. 

I meat Ken years ago on a LGBT web site and we hit it rat off, I always keep Ken awar of what websites I was on and invited him to join me so we could stay intouch that way along with emails. 

We were so different yet as Ken would say ” so much alike it’s scary “, we were two different people in euro’s in time but shared so much of the same things in life, we shared a unspoken bond that never had to be said but was from time to time, I loved Ken like a brother that I had never meat but always knew !!! 

His playful panter and witty remarks and his loving soul will be forever missed by those that new him best. 

Thow we goshed and jocked we knew this day would come for life is not etarnal in this world but maybe the next were two old soul may wans again cross paths to be reunited !!!  




Lessons truly learned

I grow-up in the early 70’s in a small cristion town hearing the word of God from everyone around me, it didn’t take long for me to start questioning it all in my early teens, the ten commandments and what was being crammed down my throat as the word of God didn’t jive with me and being told that is just the way it is didn’t work as well. So I went looking for my own answers to things, I studded all different kinds of religion’s from around the world along with the cultures of the people. I came to my own conclusions about things and built my own belief system from this along with my system of honor and respect.  I learned a lot from all this but it would take decades before it all started to sink together and the lessons I learned to have true meaning behind it.

The words of the Cristina bible, the Hebrew bible, the scrolls of Bota and many other religions weren’t written by gods in my opinion but by people that had evolved past the petynic of humans and had handed down their own set of rules for humanity to live by in peace and harmony with one another.

But yet this is still a consept that seems to be to difficult for people to get and accept in their everyday lives. This are simple lessons yet to be learned by humanity.

LOVE, HONOR, RESPECT for your fellow humans !!! 

I know I am nothing in the grand scheme of this world but even I understand this simple little lessons.  


Life won’t give me a break

Well a couple of month’s ago i left the hell hole i was in to try and start over agine to make a better life for my self and start to transition. Well like everything Life had a different idea, iv looked and applied for job’s that i thought i could physically do as im disabled but to no avale.  Now im unemployed, brock and homeless, iv tryed to be happy and motivated pusing me self way out side me comforte zone and my anxiety level.

Now im just F’ed !!! 


I am NOT

I am NOT is a vent for my frustration, anxiety and depression for what i can’t say in real life because there is no point. 

I am NOT a looser, I am NOT a boom, I am NOT a faget, I am NOT a door-mate, I am NOT a punching-bag, I am NOT a personal maid, I am NOT the coze of your problems !!! 

I may be unemployed, I may be pinnylis, I may be homeless ( very soon ), I may be a lot of things but im NOT any of those things.                                                                                             Im a warm loving, caring person with Honer and respect for other people !!!

If you narcissistic, self hating ass hole’s can’t open your eye’s just a little to see that well then you can F-off, I don’t need you or want you in my life !!! My life is hard anufe with out you runing me down as well !!! Damit this is MY life NOT your’s i’ll live it my way right, wrong or indifferent !!!

If i live or die at lest i can die in peace because i have Honer and Respect in my heart for other people and my self !!!!!!   

I do not hate this people in-stead i pity them because they are forever blind to the real beauty of life !!! 


Poem / She Cried

She cried the day she was born.

She cried the day she died.

She cried for many rezones in her life.

She cried for being scared.

She cried for being hungry.

She cried for being alone.

She cried for being happy.

She cried for family.

She cried for frends.

She cried for strangers. 

She cried for love. 

She cried for ignorance.

She cried for hate. 

She cried for those that did not know how to cry. 


A little kindness

Just when you start to think the world around you is full of noting but ass-hat’s someone do’s something to show you other wise. 

I was in Walmart earlyr to day geting a little something to eat, as normal there was a lot of people in the express lane so i just went and stud in the regular check-out lane, the woman in-front of me had a fare amount of things in her cart i just stode there as she unloaded her cart wating pasontly when she stoped and looked at me and said ” if that is all you have go ahead of me ”  I thanked her and went and checked-out.

A little kindness can go a long way and bring a little joy to someone’s life.