Splice and seek / Challenge 2 / Rory’s Monster bash / Voodoo

That voodoo they do requires a srunken head to do, beware the srunken head doctor for he will sneak into your room at night tip towing across the room qwiater then a mouse the only sound you hear is the swosh of his blade seconds before you lose your head to the srunken head doctor, so beware make sure your doors are locked and your windows are bolted shout at night or my just lose your head this very frite night to that voodoo shrunken head doctor of frite !!!  

❤️ ✌️   BY FOR NOW

9 thoughts on “Splice and seek / Challenge 2 / Rory’s Monster bash / Voodoo”

      1. Somehow l have lost a comment of yours Dawn, so if you find an unfinished comment from me regarding your home situation, could you please let me know where it is please?

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      2. Hard to say Dawn, my shoulder whilst getting better, however the injury has left me with an involuntary twitch in two fingers of my right hand and occasionally the muscle spasms and l accidentally click things – nornally just annoying, however occasionally when answering comments l find l acidentally delete a comment, it’s very frustrating.

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      3. Ya I beat it is, off and on my right hand will shake so bad I can’t type or write or do much of anything with it, it’s frustrating as hell so I understand what you’re talking about. 🌹

        BY FOR NOW

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