Splice and seek / Challenge 2 / Rory’s Monster bash / Voodoo

That voodoo they do requires a srunken head to do, beware the srunken head doctor for he will sneak into your room at night tip towing across the room qwiater then a mouse the only sound you hear is the swosh of his blade seconds before you lose your head to the srunken head doctor, so beware make sure your doors are locked and your windows are bolted shout at night or my just lose your head this very frite night to that voodoo shrunken head doctor of frite !!!  

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Salem and Mont Senior / Story / For Rory’s Halloween Bash

The year was 1776 in the little town of Bashem on Hashem iland. Mont Senior was a Catholic priest seent to Bashem to sevalize the people of the small iland after hearing roomers of a pagen witch on the iland that could cure people of anything.  Mont Senior was a straight lace older man that fancied nothing and believed in nothing except what he had been taught about the bible in the monastery where he grow up.  Apone arriving in Bashem he went to the local inn and checked in only stating to the inn keeper he would be there for a while. Mont Senior wasted little time before he began lurking around the town spiying on everyone and making notes of everything. It wasn’t long before he started hearing about Salem the town’s doctor that lived out side of town in the woods in a cabin all by her self Mont Senior found this to be very odd in deed as women weren’t allowed to practice medicine in his world so she must be a witch practicing black magic on people, Mont Senior decided he needed to pay this witch a visit but in the day when her powers would be weaker.   The next day after having his breakfast Mont Senior asked the inn keeper where he may find this doctor of theirs saying he had a problem that needed looking after the inn keeper instructed him to gust follow the little wooden fence at the end of town it would take him straight to her cabin in the woods and with that Mont Senior headed off to find his witch.  As he followed the path throw the woods he could not help but notice how hug the trees were and thought to himself a person could live in one of this tree’s and have all the room they would ever need  then he thought that is probably how the witch is living out hear a perfect place for a witch woods so dark that even in the light of day you can barely see where your gone, before long he noticed a light ahead and qwikend his pase tords it. As he amerged into the clearing he could see all kinds of plants growing in the clearing with a little wooden cabin in the middle and he thought for a moment this can’t be right it’s to beautiful looking hmmm this must be a trik a witches spell of inchantment, Mont Senior continued on to the cabin.  Apone noking a lovely looking lady with long brown hair and pretty blue eyes and a tane complection greated him at the door and invited him in, Mont Senior wasted no time in demanding to see the lady of the house and was qwikly taken aback as the lady said I’m the lady of the house sir my name is Salem what may I do for you. Mont Senior thought for a moment and decided this must be another enchanting spell because no witch could look this nice so he continued with his investigation of Salem, saying so I’ve heard you can cure anything and everything how is it you have learned to do such a thing Salem replied dear sir I can not cure everything just most commen things I learned from my grandmother how to do such things and where is your grandmother now child she passed many moons ago Sir on the special night that the moon blink’s at you what do you mean child the moon doesn’t blink sir it does it slowly closes it’s eye then opens it again to let you know the spirates are watching you still Mont Senior thought for a few minutes trying to figure out what the girl was talking about then it hit him a eclipse is what she was talking about so Mont Senior push it further asking do the spirates talk to you on this special night dear no not like we talk sir but throw the winds and tree’s spirates do not talk you have to ges at what their trying to tell you Mont Senior had heard this kind of baboling from natives before he needed more profe that Salem was a witch practicing black magic so he thought for a few minutes before asking Salem do you have a place you can talk to the spirates any other time  yes I have the reflecting pool out in the garden can I see it as Mont Senior was thinking he had her now yes follow me Salem replyed as they walked throw the garden Mont Senior could swear the plants were bending away from him but he could not see them moving as they aproched the pool Mont Senior could see it was incurcled by a green turquoise stone but looked like a empty hole and asked Salem where the water was as she replied it’s rate there it reflects that of a person’s inner self,  you must be a very hollow man for the reflecting  pool to show nothing back and with that Mont Senior stormed of back to the cabin thinking this was just another witch trick but as he turned around and looked at Salem walking throw the garden he could see the plants bending tords her with no breeze to make them move he now had all the prof he needed to say for sure she was a witch in deed as Salem aproched Mont Senior blurted out it’s getting late I must go and with that Mont Senior hured across the garden to the path throw the dark woods and didn’t let up his fast pase theal he reached the little town and made his way to the inn and went straight to his room and grabbed his bag of supplies out from under the bed to make sure he had everything he needed with him so he could slay the witch the next day. Mont Senior was up the next day before the crack of dawn to set out early to get to Salem’s cabin by first light with his bag of supplies in tow. Apone arriving at Salem’s cabin at the crack of dawn he beat on the door tell Salem opened the door to see who it was at that moment Mont Senior poped Salem in the face nocking her out cold. Mont Senior qwikly made his way into the cabin and bared the door behind him and placing his bag on the table and grabbed the shackles from out of his bag then locking one of them around Salem’s rist before husting her up in the air and throwing the shackles over the header beam and locking the other cufe to Salem’s other rist. Mont Senior found a pale of water and throw it in Salem’s face to wake her up  but Salem did not move or uter a sound, Mont Senior grabbed the top of her head lifting it up and slapping her back and forth yelling wake up girl, Salem never moved or opened her eyes she gust replyed ” Never More ”  in a cam voice Mont Senior replyed what do you mean Never More girl for witch Salem said nothing. Mont Senior went to his bag and got out a silver cross a bible and a bottle of holly water and walked back over to Salem held up the bible and cross in front of her and resited a prare then splashed holly water on her in the sign of the cross and yelled repint your sin’s witch so your soul may be cleansed Salem did not move only replying ” Never More “. After several hours of this Mont Senior was qwit anoyed and frustrated at Salem and her reply of ” Never More “, Mont Senior replyed to Salem very well then if you wouldn’t confess your sin’s then you’ll die and burn in hell for all eternity and with that Mont Senior pulled a silver dagger out of his bag blessed it with holly water and stabed Salem in the heart with it. Moment later Mont Senior stumbled backwards and feel to the floor with a stabing pain in his chest and just as qwikly he found himself hanging from the rafter stearing at Salem standing before him with the dagger still stuck in her chest. Slowly Salem rased her head up to look Mont Senior in the face with eyes still closed and said ” Never More ” before reaching up and pulling the dagger from her chest and dropping it on the floor. Salem then said to Mont Senior If you had come for me any other day you would have killed me but on this very day my kind can’t be hurt or killed I told you ” Never More ” never more will you hurt my kind for I am the last of my kind, never more will your hollow black soul hurt another being for you will spend all of eternity in the hollow black hell of your own soul, with that Salem opened her eyes the empty black pit of Mont Seniors soul steared right back at him in an instant Mont Senior found himself in a black pit void of everything except a looking glass to the out side world that was Salem’s garden.  

Be waery if  you find your self on a small iland looking into a small pool of water surrounded by green turquoise there just might be someone stiring back at you from the other side of the looking glass.   

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Two Year Anniversary

Today marks the two year anniversary of my blog ( and I didn’t even know it 😁 )  on W.P..  

A big thank you to all of you that have been following my blog. 😀

   I’ve meet some lovely people on W.P. over the past two years and made some nice friendships as well. ❤️  

  Hopefully I’ll be around for many more years to come.  

🎂 🌟 🎉 🎆 😀

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