Reblog / My Two Mothers

This is a great short story from TRANSNATIONAL QUEER UNDERGROUND .


  • lesbian parenting
  • lesbian parents
  • TEXT BY: Nyar Afrika // Kenya || ILLUSTRATION BY: Elizabeth Watkin // USA

    My mothers are two women in love and they raised me just fine. They are the best example of a prefect family and I am forever thankful that they taught me how to respect everyone else’s identities and sexual orientation without bias.The post My Two Mothers appeared first on Transnational Queer Underground.

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Life won’t give me a break

Well a couple of month’s ago i left the hell hole i was in to try and start over agine to make a better life for my self and start to transition. Well like everything Life had a different idea, iv looked and applied for job’s that i thought i could physically do as im disabled but to no avale.  Now im unemployed, brock and homeless, iv tryed to be happy and motivated pusing me self way out side me comforte zone and my anxiety level.

Now im just F’ed !!! 


I am NOT

I am NOT is a vent for my frustration, anxiety and depression for what i can’t say in real life because there is no point. 

I am NOT a looser, I am NOT a boom, I am NOT a faget, I am NOT a door-mate, I am NOT a punching-bag, I am NOT a personal maid, I am NOT the coze of your problems !!! 

I may be unemployed, I may be pinnylis, I may be homeless ( very soon ), I may be a lot of things but im NOT any of those things.                                                                                             Im a warm loving, caring person with Honer and respect for other people !!!

If you narcissistic, self hating ass hole’s can’t open your eye’s just a little to see that well then you can F-off, I don’t need you or want you in my life !!! My life is hard anufe with out you runing me down as well !!! Damit this is MY life NOT your’s i’ll live it my way right, wrong or indifferent !!!

If i live or die at lest i can die in peace because i have Honer and Respect in my heart for other people and my self !!!!!!   

I do not hate this people in-stead i pity them because they are forever blind to the real beauty of life !!! 


Poem / She Cried

She cried the day she was born.

She cried the day she died.

She cried for many rezones in her life.

She cried for being scared.

She cried for being hungry.

She cried for being alone.

She cried for being happy.

She cried for family.

She cried for frends.

She cried for strangers. 

She cried for love. 

She cried for ignorance.

She cried for hate. 

She cried for those that did not know how to cry. 


Eating Disorder

I don’t ever talk about this with any-one but it’s probly time i did, I think i fall into the catagory of being balimace. I don’t purge what i eat when i do eat, i eat every other day or every 3’rd day dipending on my mod and that’s dinner only and not much at that.

How i got started down this road.

When i was a teen i went from being a 180’p up to 316’p with out even realizing it, i hated the way i looked and feelt, my body’s weird it will take on wate very fast but geting rid of it is super hard. I tryed it all with little to no rezolts, tell i started a starvation diet witch worked better then any thing and so this has lead to a 25+ year problem of trying to get sciny and stay that way.

Just like someone that is balimace my perception of being fat is sxued as well and im not sure why. 


A little kindness

Just when you start to think the world around you is full of noting but ass-hat’s someone do’s something to show you other wise. 

I was in Walmart earlyr to day geting a little something to eat, as normal there was a lot of people in the express lane so i just went and stud in the regular check-out lane, the woman in-front of me had a fare amount of things in her cart i just stode there as she unloaded her cart wating pasontly when she stoped and looked at me and said ” if that is all you have go ahead of me ”  I thanked her and went and checked-out.

A little kindness can go a long way and bring a little joy to someone’s life. 


Statistics on my blog

All i can say is WOW !!! 

On Feb 23 i had the most veiws ever and the most likes ever so far, it’s amazing to me because i normaly only got 2 or 3 veiws a day on my blog so to get 17 people in one day looking at it just blows my mind and to get 14 likes in one day that really just blows me away.

Hopefully my blog will help spread knolage about real trans people and the LGBT+ community and what are lives are really like. 


GenderCool Project

The GenderCool Project seeks to reach every corner of the country with positive and powerful stories about who transgender kids and their peer allies are rather than what they are. We leave the labels at the door and build understanding through storytelling about the accomplishments of these remarkable young leaders.

I just happened to run-across this yesterday while reading another story and thought it was a nice cool new project for trans kids. The description above is from their web page. Pass this on to other web sites you know of to help spread nalage and understanding of transgender people. Thank you