Bloody Crock’s

Public Storage their bloody Crock’s !!! 

I cleaned out my public storage locker the other day because I couldn’t afford to pay it anymore, they told me last week that if I have everything cleaned out of there by the 5’th I wouldn’t ow them anything, so today I got the last of my things out of there and stopped in the office on my way out to tell them my locker was empty so not to get charged for a nother months rent that I can’t pay !!!

I was informed I ow them this months rent anyway because the bill was due on the 1st and she said I couldn’t get a locker again tell it’s paid, I got a email from them saying I have 10 days to pay them $50  or face paying more charges !!!

Well the crocked bastards are just gonna have to sue me because I can’t pay them !!! 

A locker that was $30 they hicked up to $60 with their additional charges that they don’t tell you about tell you get the locker, a insurance policy you have to buy starting at $11 for their chepes and then a $20 service charge and they charge you $12 for a lock.

Dame I’m agrovated now !!! 😠 

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