Devastated Grand Bahama Island

As some of you may know last weekend and throw the week we had hurricane Dorian move throw the Bahama Islands and up the east coast of the U.S. 

Hurricane Dorian moved throw the Bahamas as a cat 2 hurricane tell it got almost to Grand Bahama Island when it amped up to a cat 5 hurricane with sustained winds of 185-mph and wind gusts of 225-mph becoming the second largest hurricane on record now, it hit Grand Bahama Island hard and stalled out over top the island for 24-hrs battering it with wind and rain and flooding up to 27-ft before finely dieing back down to a cat 2 hurricane and slowly moving off to the north-west at 1-mph and taking about another 24-hrs before the island was clear of the hurricane.  

Grand Bahama Island has been left in ruines  with over 50% of it’s infostructure destroyed and to make matters worse the airport is flooded out so the only way in and out for ade workers is by chopper ferther hampering ade to the island, the U.S. military has been flying black-hawk choppers in to take critical pashents out to FL for medical ade and flying out kids to give them a safe place to stay for now, the death tole is unknown as the island looks like a war zone with debre pilled up every were making it difficult to get around and look for survivers.  

  My heart and soul goes out to all those people affected by this tragedy. 🌹   

❤️ ✌️