Arr thy tail of thy name Deathly Dawn

Arr listen up ye scurby dogs to thy tail  of thy name or I be running ye throw to ye land loving dogs !!!  

I be carrying thy name Deathly Dawn handed down by that no good black hearted bilg rat Black beared him self.

After his black hearted mats tryed to have thr way with me, arr I cut thr timbers off the lot of them and didn’t bother with th plank as I sent thy lot th to Davey Jhonses locker  in thy early morning dawn, th scurby rats that remained we’re to yellow to test th sord further.

Arr at last thy ship needs new rates to work thy deek so what say ye you scurby dogs sail under th pirate flag or meat Davee Jones ???    
❤️ ✌️    



For “Aguycalledblock” life is stranger than fiction post

On my Weather Channel app they have little video story’s about all kinds of things today they had a interesting one  that sounds stranger then fiction.  

Scientist in Sibiry were taking core samples in the frozen tundra, during their examinations of the core samples they discovered a couple of Nematodes  ( a spices of earth worm) in the frozen dirt, it’s estimated that the worm’s are around 42,000 years old. 

” Now here comes the strange part “, After being frozen in the earth for 42,000 year’s this little worm’s came back to life after thowing out, their the only know multi cell creature to have survived after being frozen for that long of time.  

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