Two blog’s to check out

These are two blog’s I ran across that I think are worth checking out.

The first one is ” https;// ” The Bipolar Writer, it’s a blog based on Mental illnic with many guests writers on the site writing about their experience with mental illnic. It’s a great blog.

  The second one is this  ”  https;// ”  A guy called bloke and K9 Doodlepip, Rory’s blog is a colosh of many different post/sires on one blog you need to check it out to see what I mean, it’s a great blog. 

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Reblog/ To the Parents


This week was…tough, to say the least. I am emotionally drained.  As an Emergency Physician, there is no greater terror than a truly sick child coming into your Emergency Department. And no greater disheartenment than not being able to make those kids better. Today’s blog post is an ode to the parents of those children- the ones who don’t make it. I keep every single one of their faces in my memory as motivation to get better, and to know more, and, for the cases where all of that is not enough, to never lose my empathy. 

To the Parents-

I’m sitting across from you in the “Family Room” right now. I hesitate to open my mouth because of the sheer grief that washes over your face when I do. The pain is so palpable it’s hard for me to finish sentences.  The cold metal of the chair rail is…

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Lessons truly learned

I grow-up in the early 70’s in a small cristion town hearing the word of God from everyone around me, it didn’t take long for me to start questioning it all in my early teens, the ten commandments and what was being crammed down my throat as the word of God didn’t jive with me and being told that is just the way it is didn’t work as well. So I went looking for my own answers to things, I studded all different kinds of religion’s from around the world along with the cultures of the people. I came to my own conclusions about things and built my own belief system from this along with my system of honor and respect.  I learned a lot from all this but it would take decades before it all started to sink together and the lessons I learned to have true meaning behind it.

The words of the Cristina bible, the Hebrew bible, the scrolls of Bota and many other religions weren’t written by gods in my opinion but by people that had evolved past the petynic of humans and had handed down their own set of rules for humanity to live by in peace and harmony with one another.

But yet this is still a consept that seems to be to difficult for people to get and accept in their everyday lives. This are simple lessons yet to be learned by humanity.

LOVE, HONOR, RESPECT for your fellow humans !!! 

I know I am nothing in the grand scheme of this world but even I understand this simple little lessons.  


Four things you are greatfull for

On SARA IN LALALAND, question of the 5 she asked this ” what are for  things your greatfull for “.

I felt like elaborating on this more just because I’m in that kind of a mood.

The answer’s I gave was this,

1.WordPress and all the beautiful people iv meat on here.

2. All the real beautiful people iv meat on the streets.

3. All the beauty and wonder in the world.

4. All the people I have meat from around the world in the past 5+ years and was able to help in some small way.

As you can see I didn’t say anything about my life because in reality my life really doesn’t mean a thing to me it’s all about what I can do for others even at the cost of my own life. Now don’t get me wrong here I don’t have a death wish any more but I live by a code of honer and if that means giving up my life to save someone else well then so be it.

I broke my rose colored glasses 5+ years ago after my awakening my selfishness to end my life was replaced with a need to help other’s and in doing so it help me to grow and fix my self making me a better person for it.

I walk the streets and am discusted by the trashy mess I see every wear but with in the trash I can see the wonder of life still thriving to exist refusing to die.

As I walk the streets I see the faces of the people of this world, some you can read like a billboard their hole life’s story written on their face others aren’t that easy to read and some are just plain scary.  You see the really poor and the poor alike in the grocery store try to pay for what they can to provide for their families, you see the addicts on the street corners panhandling to get money for their next fix because they have given up and know no other way to live.

When you break your rose colored glasses the world becomes a hole nother place and you become a different person in it!!!


Reblog / My Two Mothers

This is a great short story from TRANSNATIONAL QUEER UNDERGROUND .


  • lesbian parenting
  • lesbian parents
  • TEXT BY: Nyar Afrika // Kenya || ILLUSTRATION BY: Elizabeth Watkin // USA

    My mothers are two women in love and they raised me just fine. They are the best example of a prefect family and I am forever thankful that they taught me how to respect everyone else’s identities and sexual orientation without bias.The post My Two Mothers appeared first on Transnational Queer Underground.

    Visit Transnational Queer Underground for the full post.



I am NOT

I am NOT is a vent for my frustration, anxiety and depression for what i can’t say in real life because there is no point. 

I am NOT a looser, I am NOT a boom, I am NOT a faget, I am NOT a door-mate, I am NOT a punching-bag, I am NOT a personal maid, I am NOT the coze of your problems !!! 

I may be unemployed, I may be pinnylis, I may be homeless ( very soon ), I may be a lot of things but im NOT any of those things.                                                                                             Im a warm loving, caring person with Honer and respect for other people !!!

If you narcissistic, self hating ass hole’s can’t open your eye’s just a little to see that well then you can F-off, I don’t need you or want you in my life !!! My life is hard anufe with out you runing me down as well !!! Damit this is MY life NOT your’s i’ll live it my way right, wrong or indifferent !!!

If i live or die at lest i can die in peace because i have Honer and Respect in my heart for other people and my self !!!!!!   

I do not hate this people in-stead i pity them because they are forever blind to the real beauty of life !!! 


GenderCool Project

The GenderCool Project seeks to reach every corner of the country with positive and powerful stories about who transgender kids and their peer allies are rather than what they are. We leave the labels at the door and build understanding through storytelling about the accomplishments of these remarkable young leaders.

I just happened to run-across this yesterday while reading another story and thought it was a nice cool new project for trans kids. The description above is from their web page. Pass this on to other web sites you know of to help spread nalage and understanding of transgender people. Thank you 



THE CHAMELEON is one of my books i started to write on Quotev it’s fare from done but i thought i would post the link to it any way, it’s about a trans MTF girl that isn’t rejected by her mother when she finds out, For the hole story you will have to just go and read it and don’t forget the cleanex !!!



Here i am posting links to my poetry on Quotev there are 4 of them i have on there, the first two are two of my best poem’s i have writen and the other two are just one’s i wrote one night.