Deathly Dawn’s Treasure ☠️

AAR me matee’s mee treasure bee safe on they iyole of brazelya were no scurbe dog  may find her. So ye scurbe rat’s wish to hear they tall do ya well before warnde any man that goes looking will surely die !!! 

   It bee 12 year’s ago this every day we sacked them bloody land-lovers as those bloody rat’s ran forth into the beach were we cut them down and stole their theving treasure from them sacks of rubies and raw gold the bloody rat’s had stole from the jungle people that had  not taken kindly to the bloody rat’s pilfering their treasure and was hot on their ass as they fled into the beach we bearly made it off the beach with are bloody scalpes still attached. I set sale to the iyale of brazelya to hide my treasure from this scurbey belge rat’s before they get any brite ideas to pinch mee treasure for them selves.  On the easy side of the iyale at the top of the beach is a pile of rocks  that house the body of the last scurbe dog that tryed to cross mee with only his head stiking out the top that’s the marker to the jungle trail that leads to the mountain pass but bee ware mee matee’s of the feathered winches that own the low lands of the jungle for they will ride any man they catch to death and they be formidable winches to battle. If ye makes it to the mountain trail to the plato ye go and down the other side ye must slide but beware of the last of the miyan woryers that live at the top for any man they catch they will cut his still beating heart from his chest for their sun God to feast apone. At the bottom of the slide ye shall find a cave leading to a Aztec temple where mee treasure is hidden in side but don’t bee thinking this bee easy now you bloody belge rat’s for their bee all maner of beasts and trap’s to deal with and if ye servives to find mee treasure just remember the hell you bloody rat ya has to go throw to get back out with mee bloody treasure,  Alive !!! ☠️     

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Ava’s Impossible Things

Ava’s Impossible Things is a LGBT+ movie about Ava and her sister and their dying mother that is ready to go.   It’s presented like a Alice in wonderland story but in this case it’s more Ava in wonderland.  The underline story in this case for Ava to get home she must learn to exsepte her mother’s chose and let her go.  The underline story and the story it’s self is not that easy to follow and will have you wondering at times what the hell is going on but it makes sense in the end.  This is a emotional drama about death and suicide and love and not wanting to let go of a loved one  as well as Ava being a lesbian.  This movie is surrounded in hot topic’s that people don’t wish to talk about or think about, but I think it was very well done with a lesson for everyone to learn.    

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You Can Help Save a Life ❤️

PhoebeMD: Medicine + Poetry

Would you buy a handmade necklace if you knew you could help save a life?

I invite you to browse my first set of sea glass necklaces at the new PendantsForACause Etsy Store.

I’ve made these pendants available with the hope that their sales would raise awareness of some important causes around us today.

All proceeds from PendantsForACause will be going to support those with urgent medical needs via two organizations that I know and trust. They will be to help:

  1. Hurricane Dorian victims via Samaritan’s Purse Crisis Response
  2. Children in need of heart surgeries via International Children’s Heart Foundation

If you don’t currently see something that appeals to you, I encourage you to bookmark and visit frequently as I will be adding new creations regularly!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend, 

Phoebe 💙

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Taylor Peere’s good deed’s

Taylor Peere’s good deed’s is a movie I just watched on Tubi ( tv/movies app ), it’s a good drama movie for some of the real life story lines in it and the underlined story of the mane character that realizes there is more to life then gust doing what is expected of you, it’s more than just the Cindarela story that it’s presented as. 

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Devastated Grand Bahama Island

As some of you may know last weekend and throw the week we had hurricane Dorian move throw the Bahama Islands and up the east coast of the U.S. 

Hurricane Dorian moved throw the Bahamas as a cat 2 hurricane tell it got almost to Grand Bahama Island when it amped up to a cat 5 hurricane with sustained winds of 185-mph and wind gusts of 225-mph becoming the second largest hurricane on record now, it hit Grand Bahama Island hard and stalled out over top the island for 24-hrs battering it with wind and rain and flooding up to 27-ft before finely dieing back down to a cat 2 hurricane and slowly moving off to the north-west at 1-mph and taking about another 24-hrs before the island was clear of the hurricane.  

Grand Bahama Island has been left in ruines  with over 50% of it’s infostructure destroyed and to make matters worse the airport is flooded out so the only way in and out for ade workers is by chopper ferther hampering ade to the island, the U.S. military has been flying black-hawk choppers in to take critical pashents out to FL for medical ade and flying out kids to give them a safe place to stay for now, the death tole is unknown as the island looks like a war zone with debre pilled up every were making it difficult to get around and look for survivers.  

  My heart and soul goes out to all those people affected by this tragedy. 🌹   

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Two Year Anniversary

Today marks the two year anniversary of my blog ( and I didn’t even know it 😁 )  on W.P..  

A big thank you to all of you that have been following my blog. 😀

   I’ve meet some lovely people on W.P. over the past two years and made some nice friendships as well. ❤️  

  Hopefully I’ll be around for many more years to come.  

🎂 🌟 🎉 🎆 😀

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Dame Strumpet Administration

The dame Strumpet Administration is worthless and their only goal is to cater to the rich and trow the caman people under the bus. They have gone head first after the transgender community trying to strip us of all are enalebale rights to make us nothing more than forth class citizens and a non existent community under the law. 

  They are currently arguing  before the supreme court that the 12 amendment that protects people from sexual discriminate dose not apply to the transgender community because it doesn’t cover gender or gender norm’s. Their main argument for tering down the 12 amendment is that it doesn’t cover gender norm’s their for it is legal to discriminate against some  one for not following societies sex normalities for woman and men and arguing that sex dose not cover gender sex is only what your born as not what you are. 

As the ACLU said their gust trying to make it legal to discriminate against anyone that doesn’t follow social norms for what someone else thinks is not normal for your sex/gender and that goes for cis people as well as transgender people.   

If we have another four years of this edeats in office we will no longer have a democracy but a dicktatorship that tell’s you how you can live according to them!!!!  👿 👿     

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Very nice gentleman

To fill you in properly we need to back up about a month or so ago.  

Around the end of may or so I was talking to the employees at the dollar store where I go a lot about trying to get a PO-box so I could continue to try and get health insurance and not having much luck at coming up with the money for it. Well about two weeks ago that guy that was working in there asked me if I still needed help with that I told him yes, well he said he could help me out with that in about two weeks I said thank you so much for that. I was suppose to meet him on the 5 for that but things happened and it didn’t happen ( another post on that later ).  So I was hanging out at my normal place tonight ( July 8 ) about ready to go home when he came walking up to me and apologized for not showing up I told him that was alright because I wasn’t around long myself and explained what had happened and we chatted for a little while before he asked was that 80 dollars you needed I said yes that’s what it said on their website he pulled out some money and handed it to me and said I hope it helps I thanked him for the money and told him I would pay him back as soon as I possibly could because I know that’s a lot of money, he said don’t worry about it I’ve got money put away I asked him was he sure he said ya don’t worry about it, we talked for a while longer before he said he had to be getting home I thanked him again and off he went home.

   I’m so thankful for that young man’s help now I can try to get health insurance and get the paperwork I need to try and get SSI disability and get back on food stamps again.  

❤️ ✌️