Deathly Dawn’s Treasure ☠️

AAR me matee’s mee treasure bee safe on they iyole of brazelya were no scurbe dog  may find her. So ye scurbe rat’s wish to hear they tall do ya well before warnde any man that goes looking will surely die !!! 

   It bee 12 year’s ago this every day we sacked them bloody land-lovers as those bloody rat’s ran forth into the beach were we cut them down and stole their theving treasure from them sacks of rubies and raw gold the bloody rat’s had stole from the jungle people that had  not taken kindly to the bloody rat’s pilfering their treasure and was hot on their ass as they fled into the beach we bearly made it off the beach with are bloody scalpes still attached. I set sale to the iyale of brazelya to hide my treasure from this scurbey belge rat’s before they get any brite ideas to pinch mee treasure for them selves.  On the easy side of the iyale at the top of the beach is a pile of rocks  that house the body of the last scurbe dog that tryed to cross mee with only his head stiking out the top that’s the marker to the jungle trail that leads to the mountain pass but bee ware mee matee’s of the feathered winches that own the low lands of the jungle for they will ride any man they catch to death and they be formidable winches to battle. If ye makes it to the mountain trail to the plato ye go and down the other side ye must slide but beware of the last of the miyan woryers that live at the top for any man they catch they will cut his still beating heart from his chest for their sun God to feast apone. At the bottom of the slide ye shall find a cave leading to a Aztec temple where mee treasure is hidden in side but don’t bee thinking this bee easy now you bloody belge rat’s for their bee all maner of beasts and trap’s to deal with and if ye servives to find mee treasure just remember the hell you bloody rat ya has to go throw to get back out with mee bloody treasure,  Alive !!! ☠️     

❤️ ✌️     


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