Dame Strumpet Administration

The dame Strumpet Administration is worthless and their only goal is to cater to the rich and trow the caman people under the bus. They have gone head first after the transgender community trying to strip us of all are enalebale rights to make us nothing more than forth class citizens and a non existent community under the law. 

  They are currently arguing  before the supreme court that the 12 amendment that protects people from sexual discriminate dose not apply to the transgender community because it doesn’t cover gender or gender norm’s. Their main argument for tering down the 12 amendment is that it doesn’t cover gender norm’s their for it is legal to discriminate against some  one for not following societies sex normalities for woman and men and arguing that sex dose not cover gender sex is only what your born as not what you are. 

As the ACLU said their gust trying to make it legal to discriminate against anyone that doesn’t follow social norms for what someone else thinks is not normal for your sex/gender and that goes for cis people as well as transgender people.   

If we have another four years of this edeats in office we will no longer have a democracy but a dicktatorship that tell’s you how you can live according to them!!!!  👿 👿     

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19 thoughts on “Dame Strumpet Administration”

  1. Dawn, this is so terrifying! The ACLU is absolutely right that this is about DENYING rights! Our country is about freedom for people living here. How dare this group of bigots propose and defend DENYING rights based on what gender a person IS. It’s disgusting.
    People are ADDED to constitutional protection because they are PEOPLE who are being denied the same rights as others without cause.
    The Religious Freedom bills are bad enough. This is much, much worse.

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    1. Hello dear, yes it is and the bigots will probably get away with it as they have done so so far as we now have a bigoted supreme court as well that doesn’t care about Freedom for All, it’s sad what america has fallen too 😞.

      BY FOR NOW

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    1. Yes dear, their not actually trying to change the 12th amendment but go around it with legal ward play so they can discriminate against people legally. An amendment can only be changed by Congress with a 3/4 majority vote as well as adding an amendment that’s why their arguing word play to the supreme Court to go around it it’s easier that way to get what they want.

      BY FOR NOW

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  2. You have nailed it exactly. this is exactly what they are doing, if we can vote them out, our democracy may survive. I really really don’t take it for granted otherwise. Even those who supported him for whatever reason, will hate living in a true dicktatorchip.

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    1. Thank you for the link up dear, love the article. 😀
      I would love for more people to read about this and get p.o’d about it as this really involves everyone under U.S. law.

      BY FOR NOW

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