Very nice gentleman

To fill you in properly we need to back up about a month or so ago.  

Around the end of may or so I was talking to the employees at the dollar store where I go a lot about trying to get a PO-box so I could continue to try and get health insurance and not having much luck at coming up with the money for it. Well about two weeks ago that guy that was working in there asked me if I still needed help with that I told him yes, well he said he could help me out with that in about two weeks I said thank you so much for that. I was suppose to meet him on the 5 for that but things happened and it didn’t happen ( another post on that later ).  So I was hanging out at my normal place tonight ( July 8 ) about ready to go home when he came walking up to me and apologized for not showing up I told him that was alright because I wasn’t around long myself and explained what had happened and we chatted for a little while before he asked was that 80 dollars you needed I said yes that’s what it said on their website he pulled out some money and handed it to me and said I hope it helps I thanked him for the money and told him I would pay him back as soon as I possibly could because I know that’s a lot of money, he said don’t worry about it I’ve got money put away I asked him was he sure he said ya don’t worry about it, we talked for a while longer before he said he had to be getting home I thanked him again and off he went home.

   I’m so thankful for that young man’s help now I can try to get health insurance and get the paperwork I need to try and get SSI disability and get back on food stamps again.  

❤️ ✌️ 



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