Flash Flooded

Well I got flooded this evening from a monsoon thunder storm, it started storming around 6 pm and the rain came down in bucket loads by 7:30 I had 2 inches of water outside my tent that was seping in everywhere, by the time it stopped raining around 8:30 I had about a inche of water in my tent and a tone of water under my tent it took about 2 hrs for that water to go away before I could start getting my tent dryed up some, now I have a bounch of stuff that’s all wet and I’ll probably have to trash because it’s very hard to get stuff dryed out and not have it smelling like mold.  I have a nuff problems with out needing this kind of crap, god I really hate life at times !!!      

❤️ ✌️    


36 thoughts on “Flash Flooded”

  1. oh monsoon rains are do these things often…by the way are you alright now…but am sorry to hear that you have to throw out the stuff..isn’t there any options..

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  2. Wishing a share of some Alabama sunshine your way. Floods are so difficult. I wanted to thank you that even during this tough time you noticed my site and poems, I appreciate it and am glad to meet you. I have a lot to learn even just from the name of your site “proud trans lady” there is so much in my circumstances that is holding me back, how wonderful to be proud. My life has improved since I have learned to be grateful for who I am. Love and peace backatcha, and hope the water dries up enough! 💜 Lona

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    1. Thank you dear for your kind words. The rains have lot up for the most part senc then and it’s trying to dry up around here but this is the rainiest year we’ve ever had.
      I’ve been on this journey for 6 year’s now it’s been a hard road to go down thow I’ve learned a lot I still have a long way to go to get to where I want to be.

      BY FOR NOW

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  3. 😱how horrible,obviously everwent back to normal because it’s passed a month and I only see this post now🤷🏻‍♀️we got storm Ali here the other day…..such a pain cleaning up after it😫

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