Poetry / Well get together then

Cats in the cratal little girl blue with her spoon in the moon can’t wait to soon to be together soon on the moon she can’t wait for a while she wants to go with you now but that’s a faul as she’ll have to wait a while little girl blue is blue for a while waiting to see you little girl blue misses you and doesn’t understand why she can’t go with you and play on the moon why does she have to wait a while to get together to play for a while on the moon !!!    

❤️ ✌️   


22 thoughts on “Poetry / Well get together then”

    1. Thank you dear, I was thinking about my friend that past away and bits and pieces of that keep running throw my head so I sat down and wrote what you now see as that song keep gone throw my head as well.

      BY FOR NOW

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      1. That’s an amazing thing to do I’m sure your friend would have been extremely honored to have this song dedicated to them.

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