America’s New military division

I read about this breaking news last night on the net as I was gone throw a bounce of other news articles on Opera  ( a wed browser ) .  

“Hold on to your hats people your gonna love this one.” 😂  😝

Are infemise grand leader has dicided we needed a new military division for the twenty first centre !!!     

“” Introducing are new division  “” Space Command  “” !!!     A special alete fighting force for the new battleground, A alete group of specially trained soldiers to diffend america !!!   

Because as we all know the  ” Marshan’s from Uranyis ” are attacking and we need the  “” Space Command “”  to diffend america from Uranyis “”!!!    

Better yet why don’t we seened the genuice behind this mind blowing over extravagant plan to Uranyis in his own private space rocket along with piss head and any other monkey that supports this extravagant waste of money that is beyond are current technology to even hafe assly pull off !!!   

And for God’s sake’s couldn’t he have comeup with a better name then  ” Space Command “, I think someone has been watching too much ” Buck Roger’s ” lately !!!   😝 😂 🤣    

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10 thoughts on “America’s New military division”

    1. Actually all of our Military Aircraft have been space capable since the 1990s (F-22 Raptor F-23 JATO Fighters are both space and atmosphere capable and were the first publicly shown, but not stated as such, they were not completed until around 2006 as space capable, which is why they were never deployed – remember, our enemies watch and read our news to, and the Military is all about Secrecy and presenting weakness when it has strength)

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  1. Oh dear god..US has known for its renewed military forces..but adding a new division..just thinking how much its gonna add on to military budget..

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  2. Hahahahaha, interesting aspect. I guess it all depends on what you define as important. With all of the private companies out there going into space, it only makes sense that our airspace must be secured and defended. The same criticism was made of Reagan with the “star wars” plan. Irregardless, it’s better than paying for the imaginary pixie dust (carbon tax) for the world.

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    1. Defending are airspace is one thing but what this is about is a joke and a big waste of money we don’t have, yes I remember that but what he had put up in space was rocket launch pads, cabon is the fundamental building block of all life on Earth there is nothing imaginary about it.
      Thank you for reading and your nice comment. ❤️✌️

      BY FOR NOW

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