Dear Mr President and cohorts

Dear Mr President and cohorts,

  I know you’re feeling pretty good about your selves right now for all the havec y’all have coused too the LGBT+ community !!!   Y’all apparently don’t understand the basic concept of the fundamentals of America, those three little word’s that your ignorant of   ” Freedom for All ” !!!  It’s a simple basic little constructed that is apparently to complecated for y’all to figure out so let me explain it to y’all  ” Freedom for All ” mean’s the right for all people to live free of persocution of discrimination based on who or what they are or and what they believe in to have equal rights the same as every other person !!!   Y’all may have set us back but you have not stopped us from fighting for those three little word’s, we will not stop tell we have achieved  ” Freedom for All ” people because we are the humaniitaryans of the world that except’s everyone as they are and believe everyone should be free to live their lives as they see fit to do so !!!   We have always been and shall ever be tell the end of time but your time is short and one day y’all will be gone and another shall step forward to abolish your unconstitutional inhumane law’s !!!   

❤️ ✌️   


22 thoughts on “Dear Mr President and cohorts”

  1. You are dealing with people who are self-centered and only care about themselves, their wealth and their image and fear change…. unfortunately technology has given them a voice… there will be challenges ahead but change is coming…. 🙂

    “For time and the world do not stand still. Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or the present are certain to miss the future.” John F. Kennedy

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    1. Thank you for reading dear and for your comment , that’s a lovely quote dear. Yes I know their all of that, This was just something floting around in my head that I had to get out. ❤️✌️

      BY FOR NOW


  2. What freedoms don’t you have? What freedoms do I have that you do not, please be specific. If you think that you are the only person who is bullied or discriminated against, your wrong. It happens to us all. If the president is the reason for your problems, perhaps focus on yourself before you start to blame others. Hate is a two way street, hating hate only breeds more hate.

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  3. There’s a difference between breeding hate and seeking justice and freedom, the problem isn’t with me but the ignorance of other people, I know better than most about people being discriminated against around the world and that I’m not the only one but change comes from speaking out that is part of the reason for my blog to spread awarnce of what it is like being a transgender person to dispell the ignorance cerounding transgender people. ❤️✌️



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