Are lose of Freedom and Protection

Here in the US many people have now Lost Freedom and Protection from discrimination thanks to the federal government, their religious freedom bill witch is set to take affect this week gives people the right to discriminate against people based on their sexual identity, marital status and gender identity and I’m sure it can be used for a lot more than that, it assentualy means if someone doesn’t like the way you look or what you’re talking about they can discriminate against you, the implications this bill has opened up is stagering to the american people !!! If you think you’re safe because your not LGBT+ think again, this is just part of what they have planned to strip americans of their freedoms and put the right-wing Christine’s in power over everyone, it’s gonna be their way and their ideology that runs this country and if you don’t like it to bad !!!  😠 😠 

❤️ ✌️  BY FOR NOW

18 thoughts on “Are lose of Freedom and Protection”

  1. It’s both remarkable and disturbing – how a religion whose supposed icon continuously preached love and compassion – is so full of hatred. The things I used to hear when I still went to Catholic masses (both from the clergy and the parishioners, but mostly the latter)… let’s just say there’s a reason I don’t go anymore.


  2. So is government the answer or the problem. The more we demand that the government create laws to combat this, the more it will happen. Let people be people and act as they want. If we aren’t allowed to express ourselves however we want regardless of whom we may offend, then how will you truly know those to your left and right? If you want to put blinders on and dictate who can do what, then you will always be looking over your shoulder. Allow people to be free and they will grant you the same in return.

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    1. Yes that has worked so well so far that transgender people are the largest minority of people killed in the world every year because of allowing people to discriminate against transgender people. ❤️✌️

      BY FOR NOW

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      1. All I’m saying is do what you want and live your own life. Take control of your life. Like I said prior, I’m sure we disagree on basically everything. But isn’t that the point, to have your own opinion and to be an independent person. Rely on no one, they will always let you down.

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  3. That’s all well and good tell someone pysically harms you, most people don’t know how to defend themselves and people don’t have the right to dicriminate ( mouth off ) to some in the streets because they don’t like what someone else is, that’s the shit that gets people F’ed up and killed !!!



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