Poetry / The pain within

The pain cut deep and slow from within 

as it begins again from within 

you try to hold it back under your hat

so not to look a fool for weeping like that  

but the shame on top of the pain

wants you to do just that

as you fight it back 

they would not understand

the pain your in again

as you lose it all again. 


6 thoughts on “Poetry / The pain within”

  1. Well written, thanks for sharing… sometimes one must feel pain to know love, comfort and peace…

    “I believe that destiny, on a daily basis, puts challenges before me to deal with…how I deal with those challenges will determine what I shall become..”


  2. Dawn…my friend crimsonowl has a friend who can help you…it’s called Florida Transgender Alliance… Jessica Autumn Black will contact you by email. We both love you and want to help you in any way we can, my friend. ❤


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