Poetry / Real Life

If you could really open your eyes and see you would not want to be 

You see they make policy behind closed doors to get rid of me 

For the fee they wish not to spend on me

After all what’s a life really worth

Compared to a new city boble or a pay raise

Who needs morales any way

They gust get in the way

Of making money


So close your eyes and don’t dispare as we split hair’s  





16 thoughts on “Poetry / Real Life”

  1. Lovely poem, but a bit dark. Are you okay? Do you need someone who will listen with love? Contact me, my name is Cheryl, or any of your loving friends.
    If I am way off base, I’m sorry. I just needed to make sure.


    1. Sorry for the late reply Cheryl, thank you for your concern, at the time I was quite agrovated at the lack of help in this city. I vent my problem’s throw my poetry most of the time so it’s all dark in one form or another.

      BY FOR NOW

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