Poetry / Transgender

In the shadows we lie

Hidden from sight

WHY ? 

Because there we trive

Free from priying eyes

The cureas

The sceptics

The haters

Icelated by fear




In a world on to are selfs 

Only know by those like us

Outsiders have no understanding

How could they ?

We walk in two worlds simultaneously

And none at all

As we wish to only walk in one

But are not welcomed in any really

We lie and hide the past

To make a future

Free to be are selfs !!!

11 thoughts on “Poetry / Transgender”

      1. So I’m a little confused, unless you are a man in a woman’s body now. We are all dual in nature, and androgyny takes us there.
        I have many gay friends, some guys but mostly women. Were I a woman, I would have to climb the mountains created by men for me to be seen and treated as equal, and then maybe even not. If that be you, then you have undertaken an incredible journey, and made a profound decision.
        My foster mom and I joked at times, that I would have been happier as a woman, not just because I’m a slut, but because she was able to have sex until she was 81, and no man can do that. To say anything more at this time would just make me sound more sexist.
        So I will thank you for the like to dishwashers post, and say goodnight; besides it almost 2:30 and I’m getting too old to stay up this late.


      2. Hi Philip,
        I am a lady mind and soul and sone in body, like so many others like me I dare to be free as my self, if the world of men can’t handle that they can go F” off !!!
        This is my life and I will live it my way NOT how others think I should live it !!!

        BY FOR NOW

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