Lessons truly learned

I grow-up in the early 70’s in a small cristion town hearing the word of God from everyone around me, it didn’t take long for me to start questioning it all in my early teens, the ten commandments and what was being crammed down my throat as the word of God didn’t jive with me and being told that is just the way it is didn’t work as well. So I went looking for my own answers to things, I studded all different kinds of religion’s from around the world along with the cultures of the people. I came to my own conclusions about things and built my own belief system from this along with my system of honor and respect.  I learned a lot from all this but it would take decades before it all started to sink together and the lessons I learned to have true meaning behind it.

The words of the Cristina bible, the Hebrew bible, the scrolls of Bota and many other religions weren’t written by gods in my opinion but by people that had evolved past the petynic of humans and had handed down their own set of rules for humanity to live by in peace and harmony with one another.

But yet this is still a consept that seems to be to difficult for people to get and accept in their everyday lives. This are simple lessons yet to be learned by humanity.

LOVE, HONOR, RESPECT for your fellow humans !!! 

I know I am nothing in the grand scheme of this world but even I understand this simple little lessons.  


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