EBT / Foodstamps

EBT / Foodstamps is a good program for the most part with out it I probably be dead or diing somewhere but it does have it’s draw backs like the fact you can’t buy a hot meal with it, you can’t buy vitamins or medication, you can’t buy any paper products or house-hold supplies, you can buy the food but noting to go along with it for eating it, but the one that I really don’t get is not being able to buy a hot meal if that ant the dumest thing they didn’t think too hard about the homeless people that don’t have a kitchen to make food in when they made that rule!!! 😨 😞


6 thoughts on “EBT / Foodstamps”

    1. Aww that would be so kind of you thank you for the offer, I don’t really mind the cold subs I eat every night it just would be nice to go into a store and buy any kind of hot meal I want from the delay if I wanted.

      BY FOR NOW


      1. That makes complete sense… Agency is often worth just as much if not more than what is acquired. Just know the offer stands. I wish you all the best.


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