Nasty day yesterday

Yesterday was a nasty day, I woke up around 7 am it was cool, dark, rainy and very wendy out, the sun didn’t start to show it’s self tell around 9 am, I sat on a picnic table tell noon wating for the rain to end so I could go to my storage locker about a 2 hr walk from where I was and of course before I got there it started raining again so I was all damp by time I got there, I hung out there for a while to dry out and get a few things then when and got something to eat for dinner by that time the rain had moved off but the wind was blowing at 35 to 40 mph mushing me all over the side walk, I got dinner and made it to my little spot for the night. I sleep off and on throw the night because of my back and hips hurting so today I decided to do nothing but sit around and rest all the runing around town looking for help had just totally wore me out. Tomorrow I’ll call habitat for humanity and see if they can help me out ( the center ( LGBT) refured them to me and a couple of other places) hopefully I’ll have some luck with someone.


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