Officially homeless

Well I’m officially homeless to day, so far it’s not that bad exsept for the cold weather, it’s been warm out for weeks but of course it would have to turn cold on me this week just to anye me out of spite, it’s been cool and wind all day and now cold and wind but I found a little corner next to a overpass that’s blocking out the wind pretty good, tell someone comes along and tells me to move it. Tomorrow I will start checking out this temporary shelters I found on line and see if any of them are Werth bothering with, I’m not staying in any of those lock-down shelters I can’t mentally handle that ( clostrifobiya ) I have to be-able to come and go as I please. Well it’s 23:06 now so I’m gonna try and get some sleep now it’s been a very long day for me and I’m sure tomorrow will be too.



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