Life won’t give me a break

Well a couple of month’s ago i left the hell hole i was in to try and start over agine to make a better life for my self and start to transition. Well like everything Life had a different idea, iv looked and applied for job’s that i thought i could physically do as im disabled but to no avale.  Now im unemployed, brock and homeless, iv tryed to be happy and motivated pusing me self way out side me comforte zone and my anxiety level.

Now im just F’ed !!! 


8 thoughts on “Life won’t give me a break”

  1. I’m so sorry to read of your struggles,at times life and the people in it can be so cruel, keep being the strong amazing true you and you’ll get there in the end.

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  2. What resources do you have in the trans community? A therapist, a psychiatrist etc.?
    Do you have a support group? Have you reached out to any of them?
    Whatxstatexdivyou live in hun? Maybe we can get you pointed to a support system near you.

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    1. Question 1= None, Question 2= No, Question 3= No, Question 4= No, Question 5= FL, Orlando, I went to The Center (lgbt group) after i moved looking for help geting a job and was told they didn’t do that and had know idea who did so i haven’t been back there, I found Goodwill job center that has helped a little but still noting, Iv spent my time runing around town trying different places to get job help and medical with out much suses. As a single, disabled, white, male i fole in a loop hole here of little to no help and i haven’t bothered with telling any of them im trans because i don’t see that as making any difference around here.

      Thank you for the love and support Toni.

      BY FOR NOW


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