Poetry / Dim is

via Daily Prompt: Dim

Dim is the light at the end of the tonal for witch i travel down on the path of life.

Dim is the destiny life has for me.

Dim is the future i see ahead of me.

Dim is not how i burn in the sky!!! 


4 thoughts on “Poetry / Dim is”

    1. Let me unravel that poem for you sis because it seams you don’t understand it. My life is dim right now with no job or direction to it but my iner light burns brite because i know who and what i am, as the last part of the poem reads Dim is not how i burn in the sky.

      BY FOR NOW

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  1. Actually, I do not think that your future or your life is dim at all. Quite the opposite. I’ve noticed over my life and this spiritual life journey, that those that get hit with the most stress and struggles and crap, those are the ones who are really the strongest. What I’m seeing is that the universe and life is kind of tossing you around left right and center – kind of like you are spinning and spinning in a virtual washing machine – well I think that’s because life and the universe think that you are really fucking strong; Building you up. Making you grow and evolve. Cause. If we never went through all of this crap and the obstacles and the challenges and the bullshit, how the hell would we ever recognize and appreciate and never take for granted, the goodness when it does finally come? Mwah 💜

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    1. That strenth is growing weak and tired from being beaton around so much and i can not evolve any more and stile be mortale, i stoped taking thing’s for grante a long time ago.
      Iv spent my hole life helping other’s puting them before my self, i just want a break for me now !!!

      BY FOR NOW


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