Statistics on my blog

All i can say is WOW !!! 

On Feb 23 i had the most veiws ever and the most likes ever so far, it’s amazing to me because i normaly only got 2 or 3 veiws a day on my blog so to get 17 people in one day looking at it just blows my mind and to get 14 likes in one day that really just blows me away.

Hopefully my blog will help spread knolage about real trans people and the LGBT+ community and what are lives are really like. 


2 thoughts on “Statistics on my blog”

  1. Thats great.It is the result of your perseverence! Just keep writing what you love to write without bothering for views.I will give my example.From June 17 to Nov 17 my monthly views were 80.It became 118 in Dec17, 218 in Jan 18 and 550 views so far in Feb18. So hv patience and just do your job.
    Hv a great day!

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