GenderCool Project

The GenderCool Project seeks to reach every corner of the country with positive and powerful stories about who transgender kids and their peer allies are rather than what they are. We leave the labels at the door and build understanding through storytelling about the accomplishments of these remarkable young leaders.

I just happened to run-across this yesterday while reading another story and thought it was a nice cool new project for trans kids. The description above is from their web page. Pass this on to other web sites you know of to help spread nalage and understanding of transgender people. Thank you 


3 thoughts on “GenderCool Project”

  1. My little girl attends school with a transgender child. They are great little friends, and although the transition was made during school (including a name change) none of the 4/5 year olds were phased. This little girl was still the same friend who they adored. Children aren’t born to hate or discriminate, ever are taught this by adults, which is why we need to raise them to love everyone and as you said – for who they are, not what they are. Thank you for sharing ❤️

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    1. That’s so cool, yes kids don’t know discrimination tell they learn it from their parents and family they only have love in their heart’s for all, i think most ” Adults ” could learn a thing or two from kids open hearts.
      Your welcome dear.

      BY FOR NOW

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