My Paste

At a young age i know i was not right i wanted girls things, girls clothing and a girls body but this was not to be, like so many others growing up in the early 70’s my mother would not stand for it as she seen it as being gay and she had no room in her religious belife for a gay son or trans daughter, she would get kwit mad when i would ask those questions about my gender telling me god doesn’t make mistakes i was born a boy and a boy i will be, well around age 10 that all came to a head when my mother had finally had a nuff of it all and threatend to kill me if i didn’t nock it off. So i suppressed my memorys inorder to survive and let her have what she wanted.

Skiping ahead 30 years!!!

I was 39 years old suverly depressed and suicidal i had follen over the edge of sanity i didn’t know what was real or a dream anymore. Then one afternoon in September I was reading a New York Times article about transgender kids when it all kliked, my suppressed memorys all came back hiting me in a tidal wave of emotions and i knew then who and what i really was, my Awakening had begun. It’s taken nearly 4 years for me to work throw everything and make peace with my self, yes i still have bad day’s dealing with what i am but it’s nothing like the hell i us to go throw.

I’m a proud trans lady now and one day I will be that lady on the out side that i am on the inside!!!



4 thoughts on “My Paste”

  1. Proud of you 😭. There are still foolish multitudes who don’t realize that being trans or gay is not a taboo. We should all support LGBT community cause they are a important part of our society and we are all human 😇.And i believe that everyone will understand this.

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  2. Bad days can never leave us, which is such a shame. But each day take energy from those around you who see and acknowledge you as the real you. A woman with heart and compassion. Grow stronger each day until you can ignore all the assholes that will still be around. xx


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