About Me


Im Dawn a 43 year old trans lady living in the U.S. i have yet to start my transitioning but hopfully it will be soon. I love to help people i think it’s my second calling. Iv only rediscovered my self 4 years ago after my awakening. I write trans oriented poetry and im working on writting two different transgender books that a hope to get published one day. I run a small LGBT website with my friend who own’s the site. I have dislycsia so my spelling is off at times so gust bear with me.

Like most transgender people i have depression and i have attempted suicide on more then one ocashon but im doing much better now, iv learned to love my self for who and what i am, i know im not alone in this world and there are people out there that love me for gust who i really am.


5 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Good to see you here sis. Look forward to reading what you write.

    That is something you should never give up hope on is that there is people out there that love you just the way you are. The hard part is finding them, because we are surrounded by people that don’t accept us. But they are out there. Just don’t give up hope on finding them.

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  2. Nice to know about you dear…. Be strong you are also part of this beautiful nature and we all respect you, due to some unconscious man/women don’t feel yourself down.

    Being a man, i am happy to respect and i liked your writing.. have a great journey ahead..


  3. Welcome to the World of YOU. a life which will be difficult but will only make you more determined and gain confidence. Despite the many knocks that lie ahead you will always be awesome, and you will always be YOU. Love and Hugs xxx

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